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Why Don't You Switch to Linux?

If you had time to read my blog before you would notice that I mostly write about technical stuff. Since Google indexes my pages, most of the users that arrive here are more or less above average when it comes to computers. Using the Analytics tool provided by Google, I get the following data when it comes to OS usage:

  1. Windows - 56.53 %

  2. Linux - 38.30 %

  3. Macintosh - 4.67 %

  4. Others - 0.5 % (iPod, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, SymbianOS, NetBSD)

My curiosity, given the fact that I write most about Linux (especially Ubuntu) here, is what, considering the percent of Windows users reaching here, keeps them from not making the switch. Therefore, I will resort using a poll for finding out the answer.

[poll id=”3” type=”result”]

If you have other reasons for which you haven’t switched please write them in the comments. I really want to know what’s keeping you using Windows and what could be done for Linux to gain more users. Thank you!


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