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Ubuntu 10.10 and VirtualBox Guest Additions

Two days ago Ubuntu 10.10 was released. Since I don’t want to upgrade yet to the new release - I am currently running 10.04 - I decided to try Maverick (the code name for the latest release) in a VirtualBox virtual machine.

The installation process went fine (it’s just point and click) and I do like the new wizard’s screens. Usually the next step for any virtual machine would be to install VirtualBox Guest Additions in order to be able to use higher resolutions, mouse integration, seamless integration and all the other geeky goodies. From my previous experiences, to install the Guest Additions into a virtual guest, one was supposed to click on Devices ยป Install Guest Additions… in VirtualBox’s guest window and then to launch the autorun script from the virtual CD. Well, that used to work until now.

For Ubuntu 10.10 the process has to be slightly altered for a successful installation of the additions. This means that once you install Ubuntu in your VM you have to make sure that two other packages are installed in your guest before you use the instructions provided in the previous paragraph. The packages are build-essential and the linux headers for your running kernel. To install these two packages the quickest way would be to open a terminal (the GUI alternatives would be Ubuntu Software Centre and Synaptic Package Manager, but it will take you longer) and issue the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`

Remember that these two packages have to be installed in your guest. Afterwards you proceed with the usual way of installing the additions.

Have fun!

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