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Where Has Java Gone From Lucid?

Apparently the Java packages coming from Sun (or Oracle for the matter) have been moved to the Partner repositories starting with the 10.04 release of Ubuntu, codenamed Lucid Lynx. The affected packages are:

  • ia32-sun-java6-bin

  • ia32-sun-java6-plugin

  • sun-java6-bin

  • sun-java6-demo

  • sun-java6-fonts

  • sun-java6-javadb

  • sun-java6-jdk

  • sun-java6-jre

  • sun-java6-plugin

  • sun-java6-source

To enable the use of the Partner repositories (which contain several more software packages), go to System » Administration » Software Sources and select the check-box in front of the partner repository line. The repository information will be uploaded and afterwards you can install the desired Java-related packages.

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