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Linux Starter Kit - Ubuntu 9.04

[caption id=”attachment_849” align=”alignright” width=”215” caption=”Linux Starter Kit - Ubuntu 9.04”]Linux Starter Kit - Ubuntu 9.04[/caption]

From the middle of July I have started a nice collaboration with OXY PRESS, the company responsible for the Linux Identity magazine series. They have asked me to write some articles for the Linux Starter Kit magazine, regarding Ubuntu 9.04 which I gladly did. I was happy to be able to share my experience with Ubuntu and do this for a magazine, not only for my blog. The result is finally ready and is available for buying from a various distribution market starting with October 9th.

Linux Starter Kit is aimed for those people new to Linux (n00bs as I like to call them, and this is not in a bad sense) and is trying to help them make their transition to this wonderful OS, usually from a proprietary world, as smooth as possible, showing them all the benefits one can gain by using free and open-source software. Treating aspects like installing Linux, configuring a dual boot, installing counterpart software for the one available for Windows and many more topics that are extremely important for the new user, this 5th issue about Ubuntu 9.04 is a really nice one, not only because I contributed to it but because Ubuntu has reached a level of user friendliness and popularity that boosts this distribution among the best out there.

For the curious ones, here is the table of contents:

  1. Editorial

  2. Why Ubuntu?

  3. CD content

  4. Installing Ubuntu 9.04

  5. Dual-booting Ubuntu 9.04 with Windows

  6. Wubi

  7. Software configuration

  8. Hardware configuration

  9. Network services – file sharing, print servers, host identification (Ryan Troy)

  10. Ubuntu directory structure

  11. Graphical environments

  12. Making Ubuntu Desktop more attractive (Norman Garcia Aguilar)

  13. Configure Ubuntu to be comfortably used by family members (Joe Barker)

  14. Cool Ubuntu applications

  15. Installing multimedia codecs & video drivers

  16. Communication messengers

  17. Playing Windows games in Ubuntu (Ryan Troy)

  18. Bluetooth

  19. Installation of webcams

  20. Nautilus scripts

  21. Ubuntu terminal command guide

  22. Tuning Ubuntu (Adolfo Fitoria)

  23. Tips & tricks

  24. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

All the articles without an author name next to them are written by me, in case you wondered why there isn’t any name between parentheses. It was a hard work but I liked it and it really helped me define my writing style better. I also hope that what I have done will truly help new Ubuntu users to get used to Linux and to enjoy their computing experience more than before.

If you want to buy Linux Identity Office - Linux Starter Kit (Ubuntu 9.04) you can do it online and as well from selected distribution points.


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