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Linux Identity Office - OpenOffice.org 3.2

[caption id=”attachment_1173” align=”alignright” width=”215” caption=” Linux Identity Office – OpenOffice.org 3.2”] Linux Identity Office – OpenOffice.org 3.2[/caption]

Launched almost one month ago, OpenOffice.org 3.2 will be available by default in Ubuntu in the 10.04 release. Of course, if you are eager to put your hands on it faster, you can check this article I wrote a few weeks ago. Anyway, this post is about the latest issue of Linux Identity Office, a number dedicated to OOo 3.2.

Bringing a considerable number of new features and improvements, OpenOffice.org 3.2 has paved its way in becoming a solid competitor for Microsoft Office with the main advantages that it comes with absolutely no costs (it’s a free product) and it implements well documented open standards, offering you the best compatibility with any other office suite product. Furthermore, it has a great range of extensions, allowing its users to customize the product according to their own needs. Exposing a rich API, OOo can also be integrated into other products, offering the support of a well established office suite into almost any application that needs document or spreadsheet support.

The articles (and authors) featuring in this number are:

  1. OpenOffice.org 3.2 – What’s new? (me)

  2. Installing OpenOffice.org 3.2 (me)

  3. Working with Tables of Contents (Michele Zarri)

  4. De-Mystifying Brochure Printing in Writer (David McKay)

  5. Dictionaries in OpenOffice.org (me)

  6. New Features in Calc and Chart (Benjamin Horst)

  7. Using Native Tables in Impress (Michele Zarri)

  8. Math (me)

  9. Creating a Project Management Database in OpenOffice.org Base 3.2 (Stefan A. Keel)

  10. Creating Tables from HTML in Base 3.2 with Copy & Paste (Stefan A. Keel)

  11. Macros and API (me)

  12. Web Based Resources to help you get the most out of OOo (Benjamin Horst)

  13. Popular and Useful OpenOffice.org Extensions (Benjamin Horst)

  14. Tips for Microsoft Office users migrating to OpenOffice.org (me)

After having read all the articles written by the other guys who contributed to this issue, I can tell you that all of them are great and have a good way of clearing out and explaining the work flow you should follow when dealing with OOo 3.2. Also, they represent a great way to learn what OpenOffice.org has so special about it that makes it a solid competitor to the expensive Microsoft Office suite.

The magazine is still under production but you can order it online. From the beginning of April it will also be available on the traditional press stands.

P.S. All of the articles have been created with OpenOffice.org. :D


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