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iOS4 on iPod Touch 2nd Generation

Yesterday I have updated the OS on my iPod Touch 2nd generation to the latest release: iOS4. Because I have an “outdated” model I cannot enjoy the most appealing new features: multitasking and custom home wallpapers. While I can live well without the latter, the former would have been tremendously useful. The UI has changed a bit towards being more flashy (but it’s a decent kind of flashiness). Also browsing through applications feels snappier. Another nice feature which I’ll start using soon is the ability to organize your apps into folders.

The upgrade has its bad parts as well: a few of the applications I use frequently (AccuWeather amongst others) close unexpectedly. I will wait for another week or so for application upgrades but if they fail to appear in this time period I’m afraid I’m going to switch back to iPhone OS 3.1.3.

I really wonder how the new iPhone works and feels.

P.S. I am still drooling after a 15” MacBook Pro.


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