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How to Install VMware Server on 2.6.35 Kernels

Continuing the tradition of my blog this is going to be another post about VMware Server on the latest kernels provided by the most popular distributions. This is actually an example of a paradox because I don’t use this hypervisor any more, exactly due to the patching that has to be done. Still, there are quite a few people who like the product and it’s never too late to make another good deed.

The (now famous) script I wrote a year ago (when Ubuntu 9.10 was released) had to be modified just a bit in order to support the 2.6.35 kernel. The change that affected the compilation of the VMware kernel modules was the change of location for two header files which were expected to be in a certain folder. Thanks to symbolic links, this is now handled without any major efforts. All the needed instructions can be found here. For comments related to the way VMware works on the 2.6.35 kernels please use the comment form from this post.

A thing to know before installing VMware Server on your machines is that VMware has declared the product End Of Availability on January 2010 with the actual support ending on June 30th, 2011. More details can be read here. Furthermore, VMware Server is not officially supported on Ubuntu releases greater than 8.04.

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