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Google Wave Invitations

Google WaveLike all the g33k5 out there, I have a Google Wave account. I haven’t really got the chance to use it since I had no one to talk to, except Vlad, from whom I originally got the invitation (Thank you, dude!). Anyway, opening my Wave account this evening, more out of curiosity and to dust it a little, I have noticed that I’ve received a Wave from Google with 16 invitations which I can send to anybody I want to. So, fellow geeks, if you think that you really want to use Wave, the email’s killer in Google’s opinion, please drop a comment here with your real email address and I will invite you to the system.

You must know from the beginning that the invitations are not sent instantaneously and that you might have to wait a while before you receive them. Please leave a comment here only if you really think you will use Google Wave, otherwise you might blow the chance of somebody else to enter the Wave…

See you in the Matrix! I mean Wave… ;)


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