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Google AdSense Problem

I really like Google, but sometimes they really suck (no offense Google guys, but this is true)! I am having  a problem regarding my AdSense acoount. Since I bought this domain I decided that I should use Google Apps to handle my email. I then went further using Analytics, Webmasters, Feedburner etc.

Two days ago I wanted to create an AdSense account using my new Google Apps email address. Suprise! It seemed that I already had an AdSense account associated with my previous email (@gmail.com). I received an email that informed me that my request is currently disapproved because of this and that I have two options: to use my old account or to close my old account and resubmit my application. Ok! Let’s close the old one and resubmit.

After I did close my old AdSense account, when I tried to resubmit my application, it told me that my request cannot be processed as my email address (the new Google Apps one) is associated with a disapproved request which in my opinion was solved by closing that first account. I have tried contacting them using the famous adsense-support@google.com but I only received an automated response that told me to check their Help Center for my problem. I had done that before I tried to contact them by email and I couldn’t find a solution.

Does any of you, my readers, know how I could contact a human being that works at Google to handle my problem? If you feel that you cannot post the answer in the comments because of  personal data, please mail me at radu@cotescu.com. Thank you!


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