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Adobe Reader in Ubuntu

For those of you who want to install Adobe Reader in Ubuntu, there are two solutions available:

  • you enable the partner repositories from System - Administration - Software Sources and then (after you reload the software sources) install the acroread package; Software Sources containing the partner repositories

  • you install the Adobe Reader using the .bin file provided by Adobe here, following these steps after download:

chmod +x AdobeReaderFile.bin
sudo ./AdobeReaderFile.bin
sudo ln -s /opt/Adobe/Reader9/bin/acroread /usr/bin/acroread

If you have installed the reader using Adobe’s file before reading this little how to then there are some chances that you cannot open .pdf files inside Firefox using the plug-in provided (sometimes Firefox crashes because of this). The solution is to create that symbolic link in the /usr/bin folder.

Happy PDF reading!

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