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Remapping Keys in Ubuntu 14.04

Ever since I’ve switched to Mac OS X I liked its shortcut modifiers more than the ones available on Windows / Linux. While I do agree that sometimes you lose count of the number of modifier keys that you have to press in order to get something done, most of the cases that claim is just FUD.

The ergonomy of the Mac has also made its way into how shortcuts are defined. The Command key, positioned where Alt is on PC keyboards, is definitely better positioned when it comes to using that key as your main modifier for shortcuts. Call it the power of habit, but every time I switch to a PC I find myself pressing the Alt key instead of Control. And that’s because Alt is in a handier position.

Coloured Log Outputs on Unix/Linux

There are various times when a software engineer needs to closely monitor log output in real-time. More often than not the engineer is actually interested in the output of multiple logs at the same time. Given the amount of information that an application can output to log files at any one time, filtering the important information from bogus entries becomes frustrating and tedious.

One of the solutions I’ve come across recently is to colorize the log output according to the log entries’ severity.

A Useful Rant on How People Write Java Code

During the last months I’ve had the chance to see a lot of code written by different types of developers. Some of it has definitely made me proud of the word “engineering” being associated with my profession; the other, not. There are a few basic unwritten rules that more or less have become software engineering common sense.

Tools Required for Opening a MacBook Pro

Last week my final MacBook Pro arrived. Since at Adobe we are forced to encrypt our hard-drives in order to protect our work (in case our machines get stolen) the IT team decided to provide us with SSD drives for our portable computers. The advantages are numerous:

  • improved IO performance (encryption comes with a cost - I really wouldn’t like to use it on a mechanical drive)

  • reduced power consumption

  • reduced operation noise (only the fans and the optical unit contain moving parts)

  • less dissipated heat

Because I was in hurry to get the new machine set-up I decided to install the new SSD by myself. After all, it wasn’t the first time I tore a computer apart. Big mistake…

Switching to Mac From Ubuntu

When I joined Adobe I was given the chance of choosing between using a Lenovo ThinkPad or a MacBook Pro as my development machine. Since I really dislike the design of the ThinkPads and also because I really wanted to try a Mac for a longer period of time I accepted the challenge. My previous experiences with a Mac were limited to only a few occasions when I had to perform some specific tasks - mostly while dishing Apple and Mac because it took me at least twice the time I needed to complete the same tasks on a machine running Ubuntu.

After 10 days of using only the MacBook as my main computer (even at home), I can’t say that I really miss using Ubuntu.